ASOW and PutinoffAfter touring Ireland and the US for over seven years, I had enough. I stuffed that bass guitar under my bed and said “That’s it. I’m done.” But it wasn’t that easy. Music’s like a drug. It hurts but you can’t do without it, time to deal with it.

I started out again, jamming with a drummer friend while teaching myself how to sing. Then I picked up and lost several bandmates along the way. If you want to work well with people you’ve got to choose them carefully and treat them right. Lesson learned. And I carried on.

It took a very long time for this band to pick up thanks to Cris, the best drummer I ever played with, and Mark: a gifted Welsh producer who also played some great guitar. Things were finally looking up… until one year later when Mark decided to quit.

I broke the news to Cris at a Red Fang concert. We looked at each other and thought “it’s all over” but Cris stuck around and, again, we carried on.

Then Pico came in and saved the day. He learned and rearranged all the songs in a matter of weeks while crafting his sounds to perfection by obsessing on his many amps and effects. I rang up an old friend, Giorgio, asked him to join us as a second guitar. And that was it.

Together we finished this album. Eventually, it took 7 years to make but it’s all we could possibly dream of, and now it’s ready to go. Have a listen.